My drawings are things that happen. Things that happen on paper, and
things that, as a result, happen in the brain of the beholder. They are visual
data. They do not carry any deeper meaning, they do not have any nonartistic
intention. They are neither abstract nor representational, although
they may bear resemblance to abstract or even representational drawings. I
think of them as concrete.
The crux - and the impetus - of my work is the question "What makes a
good drawing?" My drawings are not an answer to this question, rather the
question itself, posed over and over again. I consider my drawings - i.e.
the drawings that are made public - adequate expressions of this crucial
My drawings are an invitation to reflect upon the crucial question stated
above, and, more specifically, upon the why of any particular reaction to
any particular drawing. It is not a coincidence, probably, that I was a student
of neuropsychology, and that I occasionaly suffer from attacks of migraineinduced
optic hallucinations, in which - according to some scientists - both
art and religion have their origins.
The fact that my drawings are neither abstract nor representational also
implies that they are not the results of theoretical deliberations or visual
research. Again, they are what they are: things that simply happen. Over
and over again. - Rita Klaucke