Rita Klaucke was educated at Groningen University ( BA in Cognitive Neuropsychology) and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art and Design, Amsterdam (BA in Visual Arts). For several years she worked in the cultural sector, both as a consultant, and as a documentary-video director and producer. Since 1995 she has been working full time as an independent visual artist.

Rita Klaucke's drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations have been exhibited in galleries and other art venues in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Lithuania, as well as in Canada. Also, she designed bookcovers and worked as an editor, a writer and a photographer for various art magazines ( both paper and internet). Since 2007 she has focused exclusively on drawing and photography. Most recently her drawings were exhibited at Rotterdam Contemporary (2015) and Galerie Hein Elferink (2013)

Rita Klaucke lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Victoria BC, Canada.



“[......] Rita Klaucke doet iets vergelijkbaars. Ook zij werkt volgens het minder-is-meer-principe. Toch zijn de uitkomsten totaal verschillend. Klaucke verheft eenvoud naar een subtiel poëtisch niveau. In haar collages, gouaches, inkttekeningen en aquarellen sublimeert zij de eenvoud. Soms is een gescheurd stukje karton met een rood balkje voldoende. In een ander werk herhaalt zij de tekst “after the rain” in zinnen die op strafregels lijken. Wordt het beeldvlak gevuld met een structuur van verticale rafelige lijnen. In een andere compositie wordt de uitstraling bepaald door grillige schakelvormen. Kortom: elke keer komt de verrassing uit een andere hoek.” - Wim van der Beek (art critic for Kunstbeeld), Meppeler Courant, 25-10-2013


“[ Klaucke's drawings] radiate what might be called 'playful restraint'or 'joyful modesty'. [They] are attractive, even seductive, but never for their own sake, it is not mere beauty Klaucke aims at. Klaucke plays for higher stakes, in a game full of ambivalence and changeable perspectives. [....] Is her work figurative? Yes, occasionally, in a way. Is it non-figurative? Yes, that as well, occasionally, in a way. Yet in works in which non-figuration is dominant, there is always a suggestion of representation. [....] And in works in which figuration takes the spectator by the hand, one is almost instantly led to incomprehension and enigma. [....] With Klaucke a drawing is a boundery, a vertical plane, between two spaces, a mirror maybe, hung in the limitless Space of Metaphors, reflecting what we cannot, or dare not, say.” - Bert Mebius, artist/art critic, Amsterdam


“In mezzo alla citta, la luce nasce dal buio. Klaucke propone, una visione delle ore dorate, una ricerca sul chiaro-scuro. Eleganza e semplicita sono le parole chiavi di questa fotografia, dove l'ultimo raggio di sole accecante galleggia nel buio e si respecchia nella speranza furtiva di una modernita sempre piu opprimente.” - Elise Desserne, curator, Rome